Monday, December 21, 2015

Merkel Shouted Down As A Traitor In Germany

Vatic Note:  This is way more than I had thought it would be.  Its worth the read and the videos' to watch in order to understand the breadth, and depth of the problem.   I genuinely feel sorry for the German people.   They have been hood winked, robbed and villified for things they did not do.   Further, they were massacred in the millions after WW II.  We did a few blogs on that fact.  Starved, bombed, and shot by Russians and even allies  once taken over.  But then we find out the allies leaders were all Khazars.   We did a blog on that one to.

Anyway, go down this rabbithole, do additional research if you wish and then you decide what you  believe.   For sure, Muslims have done no more to us than we to them and in both cases it was done by the khazars pretending to be Muslims and pretending to be Americans..... Given how much hatred against Muslims that has been pushed in mainstream news, and politics,  I can only imagine, just  how bad the propoganda about the United STates must be in their countries.    IF WE ARE ALL SMART, WE HANG TOGETHER UNITED AGAINST THE TRUE ENEMIES OF CIVILIZATION AND HUMANITY, THE KHAZAR ROTHSCHILD BANKERS AND THEIR ILLUM BOSSES.


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