Monday, December 28, 2015

Sandy Hook And Obama’s Connecticut Social Security Number Connection

There has been much controversy surrounding Barack Obama’s social security number since he has became president without so much as providing his birth certificate. Now, as you are about to see, there is new evidence that Obama, his family and his life are a fraud.
Americans have been lied to throughout his two terms in office. Now it seems people are starting to wake up to the fact that Obama has been put in power to take America down. He has been destroying American values, American tradition and America’s way of life.
Obama has opened America’s borders to allow illegal immigrants to come into America unabated, all to establish a stronger progressive voter base to further destroy this country. He is allowing illegal immigrants to join our military after establishing that American soldiers would never turn arms against the American people.
Obama has diminished the leadership of our military by firing 200 of America’s top military leadersover the last 6 years, marginalizing the U.S armed forces.
Obama has created the greatest racial divide in this country since the civil rights movement in the early 60′s. He is demonizing our law enforcement officers, and supporting race baiters such as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.
All of these actions are reason to remove him from office. But now there is more damning evidence that Obama was never qualified to be president of the United States in the first place.
In this article by “The Last Great Stand” released today, you will see the mounting evidence against him.
Considering EVERYTHING we have been told by Obama thus far has been a LIE, and as the links at the bottom make very clear, Obama is not eligible for the Office of the President of the United States. Nowhere is that made more clear than in my post titled: CONGRESS NOT NEEDED: OBAMA MUST BE ARRESTED FOR IMPERSONATING A PUBLIC OFFICER.
The fact is that Obama is illegitimate and any attempt to impeach him would be an unlawful attempt to validate his “presidency” — Nothing can be done to validate him as “the President,” so he cannot be lawfully impeached … If the House of Representatives unlawfully impeaches Obama, then they will also say that everything Obama has signed is legal. If the House acknowledges that Obama is a usurper and therefore cannot be impeached, they will for the first time be formally acknowledging the fact that Obama has usurped the Office of the President.
How the American people could be duped into supporting this man for president is hard to understand. Now his actions speak louder than words.
NOTE: Congress has been avoiding the word “usurper,” because they knew he was ineligible in 2008 and 2012 when they counted the electoral votes without objecting to his ineligibility. For the members of Congress to come to the conclusion now that Obama is a usurper would be like putting a rope around there own necks. So, I doubt that they will change direction now. I believe that if they unlawfully try to impeach Obama it will not be for usurpation, but some other reason. They want the American people to think they are working for and representing them, when in fact they are avoiding the fact that Obama is a usurper and therefore willfully violating our representative form of government.
America’s Constitution specifically provides that a president can be impeached. It does NOT provide for the impeachment of a usurper. Obviously a usurper is not a president. Dr. Vieira in Thought Must Precede Action states:
“Although Mr. Obama may have succeeded in gaining physical access to the office-space a legitimate President of the United States occupies in the White House, he never acquired legal access to “the Office of President,” because, not being “a natural born Citizen,” he was never constitutionally eligible, and is not now eligible, for that “Office”. For Article II, Section 1, Clause 5 of the Constitution declares (in pertinent part) that “[n]o Person except a natural born Citizen shall be eligible to the Office of President”. If words have any meaning, a “Person” whom the supreme law of the land declares not to be “eligible to the Office of President” can never “gain access to” that “Office” in the sense of legally holding it or asserting any claim to it.”
Definition of “Office”
“Office” is defined to be a right to exercise a public or private employment, and to take the fees and emoluments thereunto belonging.
NOTE: We know that Obama’s father was never an American citizen, so the evidence proves that Obama is not a natural born Citizen and therefore he does not have the right to be a president of the United States of America. We need go no further to prove that Barack Hussein Obama II was never constitutionally eligible, and is not now eligible for the “Office of the President.”
Based on these facts the talk of impeaching president Obama does not apply. All of the American people need to understand this. He has broken the law and needs to be prosecuted for his actions, not impeached.

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