Friday, December 25, 2015

Savage: Only God Himself can stop 'madman' Obama

“The only thing that is going to stop this madman is God Himself.”
That was Savage’s reaction to Obama’s remark that he planned to “squeeze out every last ounce of progress” during his remaining time in the White House.
“There is no opposition party,” Savage continued. “He owns the media. The people have been deballed. … There’s nothing to stop Obama from imposing the mad agenda of the communist left (Free audio).”
Even after scores of British tourists were slaughtered by Muslim terrorists, British Prime Minister David Cameron insisted on playing down the link between Islam and violence.
“We’re living through the perversion of language and the death of the West,” said Savage in response. “England’s Prime Minister David Cameron is lying when he says ISIS is not Islamic. There is no British Empire anymore, and Obama if not stopped before the end of his madness is over, there will be no America anymore. … He is merging the United States of America into a North American trade zone, where Mexico and the United States will become one hodgepodge, where we inherit the poorest, the least educated and the most diseased of Mexico (Free audio).”


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