Thursday, October 17, 2013

Government shutdown: the takedown of America

by Jon Rappoport
October 16, 2013
Another brick laid in the path to decimation.
While the Democrats and the Republicans, the White House and the Congress cross swords over the funding of government;
While the White House orders the shutdown of visible national parks and war memorials;
While the USDA threatens to turn off food-stamp benefits for 50 million Americans in November;
While this deadly game of “who will blink first” goes on;
Operation Chaos, the higher-level plan to bring America to its knees, proceeds. Its ultimate goal? Reducing the United States to the status of “desperately needs rescue.”
That is the status which elite Globalists demand for every nation on Earth, in order to introduce one currency for the planet, and one system of management for all nine billion people.


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