Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Camp Grayling comments on Facebook

TPL: We have had several hits on the article regarding the MRAPs at Camp Grayling and I engaged in dialogue with another friend of a friend. She lives very close to CG and I live less than two hours away . Being so close is disconcerting and whether or not the story is true, I posted it to get people thinking and talking to each other about the serious trouble that we are in as a nation. God help America and Bless us once again.

Like Fox News says - we report, you decide.......


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  • Cheryll Long Ruley · Friends with Greg Marshall

  • Cheryll Long Ruley · Friends with Greg Marshall

    2. Camp Grayling National Guard training center CLAIM: "More (evidence of) Concentration Camps in America for Americans. Yes, they are real. More (photographic) proof " read it and weep,
    ...See More

    PM editor-in-chief James Meigs recently appeared on Glenn Beck's FOX news progra...m to debunk conspiracy theories regarding supposed "concentration camps" being built by the Federal Emergency Managem...See More
  • Wendy Beal Please don't make allegations against me - you pretty much called me a liar and that isn't very nice. I posted a link - I didn't say it was true and I did not write the article. The whole point of Facebook is to share knowledge and information with eac...See More
  • Cheryll Long Ruley · Friends with Greg Marshall
    My apologies, Wendy. I guess I just couldn't stand seeing this posted one more time today.

  • Wendy Beal It's cool and I accept. I never argue on the internet - too busy worrying about the future. I am glad that some people are using Facebook as a tool to share ideas and clear up misunderstandings. I just am not feeling too comfy living so close to Camp Grayling. Too many blue helmets. Thanks for the apology and no worries. God Bless
  • Cheryll Long Ruley · Friends with Greg Marshall
    I am completely comfortable just three miles away.

  • Wendy Beal We have a friend who was stopped on I-75 near Grayling about 10 years ago by UN soldiers and detained for more than an hour. He was a little freaked out and he tried to use his cell phone to call the media but the signal was jammed and none of the deta...See More
  • Cheryll Long Ruley · Friends with Greg Marshall
    I would have to try to think back to 2003 for any story that I wrote for the Avalanche regarding troop training. Cell phone service in this area, especially anywhere near Camp Grayling was awful at that time. I remember I could not use my phone when ri...See More

  • Cheryll Long Ruley · Friends with Greg Marshall
    Now that I think of it, I couldn't use my cell phone in the downtown area of Grayling, either.

  • Wendy Beal The blue helmets directed the cars off the highway and wouldn't even answer the detainees questions. My friend tried to report this to several local media outlets but they would not report this or even comment about the situation. Freaky stuff. I don't exactly feel safe living so close to C.G. I think if it does go down, the troops will deploys outwards and work their way back home after we are surrounded. Otherwise the locals could sound the alarm before they get too far. I really hate even having to think this way. TPTB have no right to rob us of our peace of mind and our life's experience and I am mad as hell that we are even having to have this conversation.

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