Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Rural America Is Under Attack, The Outcome Affects Us All (Video)

(Before It's News) In case you haven’t noticed, “Rural Americans better wake up. There is an agenda.
It is in your self-interest to organize and fight as one.”
People who think their voice don’t count need to understand that, “When you cease to advocate for what is right, you become an advocate for what is wrong.”

The Un Agenda 21 program is taking shape, they are clearly trying to take over rural America.
Whenever you hear terms like these, you know that Agenda 21 is at work in your community.
Thanks to Rosa Koire and her team at Democrats Against Agenda 21 we have this comprehensive list of key words and phrases that are often used at the local level when discussing Agenda 21 related initiatives.

Much more here: http://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2013/10/rural-america-is-under-attack-the-outcome-affects-us-all-video-2806898.html

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