Monday, October 28, 2013

How Jon Stewart became President Obama’s biggest problem

President Obama’s biggest problem when it comes to selling the American public on the so-far rocky rollout of his health-care law isn’t John Boehner or Mitch McConnell or even Ted Cruz. It’s Jon Stewart.
HANDOUT IMAGE: Jon Stewart. Indecision 2006 --
HANDOUT IMAGE: Jon Stewart. Indecision 2006 — “Battlefield Ohio: ‘The Daily Show’s’ Midwest Midterm Midtacular”
Stewart, the host of the wildly popular “Daily Show” on Comedy Central, has emerged as a harsh critic of and the Obama administration’s inability to fix it.
Stewart dedicated the entire first 10 minutes of his show — three full segments — on Monday to slashing hits on the Web site and the president’s handling of the problems.  He compared Obama to “Gil,” the hapless salesman from “The Simpsons,” showed “Daily Show” correspondent John Oliver stuck in a computer after trying to sign up for Obamacare and expressed amazement that even the calculator on the Web site doesn’t work. (And, remember, Stewart was heavily critical of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius during an appearance on his show earlier this month.)


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