Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Obamacare Kluge

"You didn't build that"

Well, now we know he didn't build it either!

The most significant thing about that remark when Obama made it was not its ignorance, nor its political posturing, but its disrespect.  Libs have no respect for the achievements of other people.  They cruise at 70,000 feet.  They think things come into existence by fiat. 

"Let's have insurance." 

"What's for lunch?"

One thing that Marx and Marxists have never understood is that behind every business is passion.  The grocer has a passion for grocery selling.  One reason we know this is because if he doesn't have that passion, he isn't in the business of selling groceries. He will have been pushed out of business by the other guy who stacks his fruit and/or sweeps his floors and/or offers better quality goods or lower prices. 

That is the creation of value.  Politicians don't understand this because politics is basically a scam - the longest floating crap game in history.  All politicians promise things they either cannot do, or have no intention of doing.  The only reason politics lasts is that it is a monopoly -- someone must fill those positions. 

What politicians can do is to skim the cream off society.  Socialism results in roughly 10% of the population living off the other 90%.  That was the ratio of Communist Party members in the Soviet Union to non-members.  It is a rough rule of thumb that works for Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, Communist China and so forth.

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