Sunday, October 20, 2013

Stunning Act of Domestic Violence: Florida Woman Arrested for Shooting Her Boyfriend….with a Water Gun - See more at:

A Florida man must be breathing a sigh of relief after the police arrested his girlfriend and charged her with battery and domestic violence.
The man was victimized when Giovanna Borge, with no sign of mercy, sprayed him with a water gun.
She was alleged to have wetted her boyfriend with the toy gun in order to ‘to antagonize and agitate him against his wishes,’ a Port St. Lucie police affidavit allegedly obtained by said. (source)
The sources do not mention whether or not the brutal assault was carried out with a small water pistol or the more dangerous Super Soaker type of water gun.
Domestic violence against men as well as women is truly a problem, but in this particular incidence, we must all say together, “Awwww…..muffin”.
This absurd “crime” just goes hand in hand with other silliness, such as the man who faces prison time for barking at a police dog and the rash of ridiculous charges leveled against students at zero intelligence tolerance schools. The tragic thing is, these laughable “crimes” have the power to ruin the lives of innocent people

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