Saturday, January 30, 2016

NAFTA Superhighway Paves Koresh's Compound

Trans Texas Corridor Plans to Pave over Branch DavidiansStu Nelson

January 7, 2008
Lets go back in time to February 28, 1993. We watch on the TV news as agents from the BATF storm a building somewhere outside Waco Texas. We hear that 4 BATF agents are killed. The news tells us all these people are religious gun freak fanatics whose leader is a child molester. Is that an accurate summation?
Well, for those of us in Texas, we have largely considered the best view of Waco was in the rear view mirror. Waco was a city you drove thru to get somewhere else. And, we had certainly never even heard of "those Branch people" before. Most of us did not really know what to make of this standoff outside Waco. The FBI, BATF, DPS, etc. ran pretty good propaganda…for a while.
This map shows the Branch Davidian property (in light red) off of Double EE Ranch road and the rebuilt Davidian church itself (circled in red) directly under the planned route of the Trans-Texas Corridor (the diagonal dotted line.

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