Sunday, January 31, 2016

Guards Used A Martial Arts Restraint On This Teen. And Now She's Dead. They also waited 11 minutes to perform CPR on 16-year-old Gynnya McMillen, a report has found.

A Kentucky teen who died at a juvenile detention center this month was restrained by guards who used a martial arts move and then failed to check on her throughout the night, a new report finds.
Police initially said that Gynnya McMillen, 16, died in her sleep at Lincoln Village Juvenile Detention Center in Elizabethtown on Jan. 11. But the Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting reported on Friday that officers took her down using an "Aikido restraint" move, didn't check in on her overnight and waited 11 minutes to give her CPR when they found her unresponsive.
Guards at the center are supposed to check in on juvenile inmates every 15 minutes, but McMillen may have gone unchecked for hours, according to the New York Daily News. One guard is on paid administrative leave for missing the checks, pending an internal investigation.

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