Sunday, January 31, 2016


A wicked hand is protruding from the heart of Texas, the popular and historical Rollover Pass in Galveston has been targeted by the General Land Office in Texas. It once was a shallow water way that bootleggers used to roll barrels of whiskey across to avoid the Galveston taxes.  This property has been owned by the current citizens since the 1940’s and in 1960 The Army Corp of Engineers asked and were given permission by the land owner to build a bridge over the pass. This allowed the people to access the other side to fish for deep water fish by simply backing up a truck, or rolling up in a wheelchair for the handicapped instead of having to have a boat. This all started during former land commissioner Jerry Patterson’s tenure, he already turned over the Alamo to the Unesco (UN) and now this.  
George P. Bush, Commissioner
After repeated refusals and lawsuits from the owners to give up their land, the legislature passed a law to allow Patterson to either repair or close the pass. This was still not enough for the State because according to law, the State cannot inflict eminent domain on property owners, it’s only enforceable by County where the land is located. The reasoning the State is giving for the closure of this vital pass is because of Mother Earth’s natural erosion. The only way for the County to agree to steal the land and shut down the economy as well as the Freedoms for the people who access it is the root of all evil, and that is Money.
Rollover Pass
George P Bush, (Jeb’s Son) knowing full well that the state can’t steal this desirable land, resorts to strong-arming Galveston County with money to get them to do the dirty work for him to save his face for further Governor endeavors. These “Honorable” County Commissioners are saying on record, that they have no other choice but to vote in favor of using Eminent Domain to appropriate the 15+ acres of shore front. They are afraid that if they don’t seize this land that they will lose the state funds that pour in from the General Land Office (GLO) and the money that Texas Department of Transportation extorts from its fellow Texans believed to be in excess of 20 million dollars. This land grab comes to Texas, not in the form of the BLM, but from the Texas General Land Office under command of George P Bush and his fancy GLO website that flashes all these so-called accomplishments to groom himself for the next step in the quest for control of the statehouse.

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