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Do they ever feel guilty?

The members of The Pretty Lie are decent people and we want our readers to know that we get no pleasure from hurting people. In fact, the reason we have come together is we have all been victimized by the "Good Old Boys" club in the state of Michigan, particularly here in Northern Michigan. Our common bond is a wish to change the system that destroys real people.

The fact of the matter is, Allen Telgenhof should have never been allowed to run for office in Charlevoix County. We believe that only those who have integrity and fairness should have the honor of serving the public.

We want justice, not" just us".There are two sets of rules - those for us - being incarcerated, impoverished and many times made homeless - and immunity for them and their cronies.

An example of this is the 911 call made by Mrs. Telgenhof when her husband Allen was tearing their couch apart with a knife. The average citizen would have been tased and arrested. But as she said on the 911 tape, "he is an attorney in Charlevoix and he doesn't want to get in trouble" and "he says that he knows the law". Also, she asked the 911 dispatcher if they could just not come.

I should mention that Mrs. Telgenhof was employed as a domestic violence advocate.

Listen to the 911 call here:

Why wasn't Mr. Telgenhof arrested? Who told the responding officer to let him go?The was another situation involving former Charlevoix County prosecuting attorney Mary Beth Kur. This story was documented by the website OIDV.


According to reports, Deputy Bush transported Kur's son to the hospital. "When talking to the doctor, a statement was made that Stephen Kur had hit his son the night before and attempted to push him down the stairs. It was also stated that both of the parents had been mentally abusive to their son..."

Prosecutor Mary Beth Kur made a phone call that night to Charlevoix County Undersheriff Donald Schneider. The phone call was recorded.
Kur:  "(Our son) ended up calling 9-1-1 ....So Bush came out with (Charlevoix City Police Officer) Matt (Umulis)....I don't know Bush very well but if somebody would just please say something about respecting my son's privacy...."

Schneider: "I'll take care of it..."

Kur: "I don't want anything like… I just don't know him well enough to just ask him that..."

Schneider: "I'll take care of Bush..."

They take care of their own. A report was sent to the Charlevoix prosecutor John Jarema, who sent it to the Antrim County Prosecuting Attorney for review because he felt that there was enough evidence to prosecute Telgenhof. Antrim didn't agree, so he was free to run against Jarema and Telgenhof won the 2012 prosecutor's race in Charlevoix and the citizen's are left to suffer.
I would like to add that the Antrim County Prosecutor let pedophile foster dad Gere Clark roam free and harass his victim. Nobody but Clark was held accountable even though The Northern Express covered this sickening travesty in detail. See article here:
These people do not recognize abuse when it is right in front of them.

There was a woman who was physically forced to abort her baby in Charlevoix and the perpetrator was allowed to leave the country? Why wasn't he in jail awaiting trial?

Does Telgenhof feel guilty? We know of another case in Charlevoix where the victim was choked out by her boyfriend. He too was allowed to leave the state.

 We attempted to expose this before the 2012 election but the local media, with the exception of the Boyne City Gazette, refused to print our letters to the editor regarding the domestice violence allegations against Telgenhof and our very real concerns about his mental fitness to handle such an important and high stress job.

Since the election in 2012 we have tirelessly been trying to rectify this problem. We have gone through the proper channels and contacted the Michigan Attorney General with evidence of criminal conduct. The AG's office had Richard Cunningham call Telgenhof and tell him how to fix what he did wrong in his campaign finance filings. 

Mr. Robert Taylor requested a grand jury investigation into Telgenhof that was denied by Otsego County Judge Janet Allen. Mr Taylor appealed the decision and it was sent back to Judge Allen. It was the discovered tha Telgenhof sent an ex-parte communication to Judge Allen that we believe did influence her decision.

The Boyne City Gazette covered this in their June 8, 2016 article titled "Protest All You Want, He's The Only One Running". LINK TO GAZETTE HERE:

Excerpt from article

According to Taylor's complaint, once Telgenhof won the election, he failed to file a campaign finance compliance affidavit in addition to failing to account for three late campaign contributions. As a result, Taylor argued that Telgenhof's signature on the affidavit indicating that he was in compliance constituted perjury. There was a conciliation agreement made between Telgenhof and the State of Michigan and no charges were brought because there was no evidence of intent to swear falsely. However, the court of appeals directed Judge Allen to consider Telgenhof's intent regarding the election law matter in deciding whether to initiate a grand jury investigation. It was then that Telgenhof sent the improper communication to Judge Allen. Ex Parte? “After the remand, Mr. Telgenhof served a brief on the court without filing it with the county clerk. This court read the brief before realizing that it had not been filed and served on the party to the case,” Judge Allen wrote in her April 19 opinion on the Michigan Court of Appeals' remand. “This court then ordered that the brief be served on the complainant (Taylor), and gave the complainant a chance to respond to the filing, and also allowed the subject (Telgenhof) to respond as well.” In her opinion, Judge Allen found no probable cause to convene the grand juror as requested. She also addressed the matter of the ex parte communication. “It is clear that Mr. Telgenhof is not a party to this proceeding. He did not make a motion to intervene or file anything at the time this brief was delivered to the court. While he stated in the beginning that his brief may not be properly filed because subjects of these investigations normally do not file briefs, his brief did not notify the court that it was filed ex parte until the end of the brief following the court's review of the brief,” Judge Allen wrote. “This court is required to not permit or consider ex parte communications under Michigan Code of Judicial Conduct Canon 3(4). This court had however read in full the subject's brief, and has taken measures to redress this error.” She added, “The subject is also under an obligation not to make ex parte communications to the judge.

As you can see, we have a big problem with corruption in Michigan. Until you have been targeted by those who use their positions and influence to destroy your life, we can't expect you to be able to understand why we created this website.We wonder,"do they ever feel guilty"?

Blog member Greg Karam from Antrim County has lost millions of dollars because of our so called legal system. He moved up here and wanted to put in a fish pond. The neighbors banded together and did everything they could to shut down his plan. He spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees. He won a lawsuit in Antrim County, yet Judge Thomas Power sanctioned Mr. Karam $100,000 and  someone sent a police officer from Detroit to collect. Most recently Mr. Karam discovered that Judge Power placed illegal liens on his properties even though he "paid up".



We have detailed the misdeeds of many of our elected officials in a compilation called Meet Your Northern Michigan Overlords at the following link:

Mr. Karam also lost millions of dollars in Charlevoix County when he attempted to help poor Wayne Wynkoop mine the extremely valuable limestone deposit that he discovered on his property. But then Charlevoix County Circuit Court Judge Richard Pajtas moved in next door to the Wynkoops. He made a road through the state park for himself and the DNR just laughed it off as just being grass.

Mrs. Pajtas and her cronies  formed a special interest group called the N.T.C.H.S. to destroy Wayne Wynkoop's plan to exercise his property rights. What they did to the Wykoops is evil and we wonder, do they ever feel guilty? How does it feel to drive past the scene of their crimes against their neighbor's? Does it bother them to look at Wayne's house and know that they are responsible for him taking his own life?
Ever time we drive past Norwood Road we feel heartsick about Wayne. How do they still live there?

Many people share the opinion that Norwood Township metaphorically put a loaded gun to Wayne's head and visiting judge Thomas Power metaphorically pulled the trigger. They took his life's work from him and Wayne was losing his home when he died.

Norwood, NTCHS and Wayne Wynkoop

Land owner protecting enviornment battles greedy judge and town. This video was recorded at a Public Access television station in Michigan.

Michigan Man Kills Self After Corrupt Township Forms Special Interest Group To Shut Down Mining Operation - Remembering Wayne Wynkoop


A Cry For Justice - Three Years Later And No Justice For The Wynkoops

Corruption, especially government corruption, comes in all shapes and sizes and under many guises. It affects the smallest communities and our largest cities. It is our duty to try to stop it when we can.

It is hard to believe that three years have passed since the untimely death of Norwood Michigan resident Wayne Wynkoop. Wayne committed suicide after his life's work and his accumulated wealth and savings were all lost because he dared to pursue his American dream.
His only crime was attempting to use his property to mine limestone. He had a quantitative study done and it was determined that there was a huge deposit on Wayne's land near Charlevoix and Fisherman's Island State Park.


Word of a state park land deal worries some Charlevoix neighbors

Talks between the state and a cement plant to swap land at Fisherman’s Island State Park near Charlevoix have some neighbors on edge.
They’ve formed an opposition group and Facebook page called “Save Fisherman’s Island” to rally support against the trade.
A spokesman for St. Marys Cement Inc. says that the company is working with neighbors to come up with a plan for the park that could benefit everyone.
They are currently forming a committee of residents to evaluate and make recommendations about the plan.

It gives the appearance that the judges trade favor over county lines. An example of this is a pervert court referee from Judge Thomas Power's jurisdiction named Dennis Mikko. He was arrested after contacting what he believed was a 15 year old boy for sexual purposes. He also had pornography in his briefcase . His case was sent to Charlevoix and Judge Richard Pajtas dismissed all charges.

 See the repulsive details here:

Much more about this on the blog.

Another victim of Judge Pajtas' court is Albert Frost. We detailed his story at the following link:

Surprise, surprise! The Frost suit against Charlevoix County judge Richard Pajtas is dimissed.

I just found this on the front page of the Boyne City Gazette. As I predicted in my earlier post about this case, federal judge Robert Jonker once again chooses to do the wrong thing for the people. See link to my family's nightmare and quest for justice that wasted years of my life because Jonker always seems to pick the wrong side in cases before him. The Good Old Boys strike again.!!

Citizens Of Northern Michigan-You Must See This - The Cast Of Characters In The Northern Michigan Theater Of Justice

Another member of The Pretty Lie is Wendy Beal, who was illegally evicted from her home by Judge Michael Haley.

Ms. Beal also had her 11 year old son placed in a psychiatric hospital where he endured 21 months of sexual torture at the hands of the state. Her story is detailed here:


Excerpts From "A Child's Story" Operation Awareness website

Ben was threatened by the juvenile justice worker that if he didn't hurry up and finish treatment he would be sent to juvenile detention. She then felt the need to share with Ben that she used to be employed by Wackenhut and while working there, a group of boys dragged another boy into a room and sodomized him until his rectum fell out and he bled to death."

Treatment at Havenwyck involves torture and experimental behavior modification techniques.
Covert Taping -  Ben was made to write a healthy script and a deviant script. These he read aloud into a tape recorder. When he became aroused, he had to break open an ammonia capsule and inhale deeply. Staff members listened to these tapes to make sure that he choked. That meant that he was doing it properly. Ben suffered horrible nosebleeds for months after he came home.
Plethysmographs - This is a test where the older boys were taken out of the facility. A ring with sensors is placed over the boys penis and they are shown sexually graphic material. Ben was too young to do this, but went out of the facility with two other boys and a staff member to act as chaperone.
This was necessary because a staff member named Mr. Ari was accused by a gay black boy of engaging in oral and anal sex with him in the bathroom of the facility where they do the plethysmographs.
This happened before Ben got to Havenwyck, yet Ben met Mr. Ari. That was because he was still working on the unit. He was transferred to another unit and eventually let go, but as far as Ben knows this was never investigated by the state."

State reports from DHS showing clear violations of patient rights at Havenwyck Hospital. Why is this place getting hard earned tax dollars? There is another report I can't locate about a supervisor slamming a girl face down on the floor and breaking her nose. Supervisor then tried to 

Hon. Robert J. Jonker

United States District Court - Western District of Michigan
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Hon. Robert J. Jonker was appointed in July 2007 by President George W. Bush as a judge for the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Michigan, succeeding Hon. Gordon J. Quist, who assumed senior status on January 1, 2006. Before taking the bench, he practiced commercial and environmental litigation for 20 years with the law firm of Warner, Norcross, & Judd, LLP, and was listed in "The Best Lawyers in America" for business litigation. His work included cases at all levels of the Michigan courts and at all levels of the federal courts throughout the country. Judge Jonker graduated summa cum laude from the University of Michigan Law School, where he was Order of the Coif. Immediately following law school, he worked for two years as a law clerk for Hon. John Feikens of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan

Jonker is responsible for dismissing the Beal Family's lawsuit against Havenwyck Hospital after the Beal's refused the offer of a $50,000 to settle. He had been calling it the Clockwork Orange case, then dismissed the case because he claims that Ms. Beal and her 11 year old son gave informed consent to do the covert taping. Ms. Beal was court ordered to sign all necessary releases by Antrim Probate Judge Norman Hayes the day they locked her little boy up for 21 months of his childhood and the 11 year old stated during deposition that the signature on the consent for treatment was not his and his mother also said that it looked like the counselors writing.

The expert witness for Havenwyck was going to fly up from Florida. He was an "expert" in the treatment of youthful offenders with aversion therapy and was the head of some sex offender task force. He was specially appointed by none other than Jeb Bush. Nothing going on here, folks.


Antrim County Confidential

Apparently someone messed with my Google Docs when we were hacked a while back, so I will post entire text for easier reading.

A Travesty Of Justice - Antrim County Probate Judge Norman Hayes

Botches follow botches

Error-strewn case costs millions

February 23 - 25, 2003
Record-Eagle staff writer

      GAYLORD - It began with a mystery that has never been solved and a question that has never been satisfactorily answered.

      On a winter morning in 1986, the frozen body of 31-year-old oilfield worker Jerry Tobias was discovered in the back of his pickup truck on a quiet Gaylord street. There was blood on his body, and it appeared his hands had been bound with a pair of jumper cables. At an autopsy performed the next day, the Otsego County medical examiner decided Tobias had been struck in the head by a blunt instrument of some kind.

      The police wasted no time in pursuing the incident. Before the week was out, they raided a butcher shop owned by Waters resident Laurie Moore and seized a metal skewer used for roasting chicken, which the medical examiner identified as the probable murder weapon. Moore was arrested in what the authorities began calling "a drug deal gone wrong."

      But instead of solving the mystery of Jerry Tobias' death, the arrest of Laurie Moore was only the beginning of a 17-year ordeal that deepened the confusion.

As victims of a completely unjust legal system, we are brought together to bring awareness to the voting public about our elected officials.

If the system weren't so irreparably broken, Telgenhof would never have been eligible to run for prosecutor in the first place and we wouldn't have had to resort to such extreme measures as painting a house, peacefully protesting Mr. Telgenhof and taking out a paid advertisement in the Boyne City Gazette. Our goal is to ensure that our elected officials do the job that they are paid to do fairly and competently. As things stand, there are no checks and balances and our officials are never held accountable. The citizens of Michigan suffer for it.

The arrogance displayed by Allen Telgenhof when he took the selfie and made a meme mocking us says it all. He only has himself to blame for the ad in this week's Boyne City Gazette.

 We don't appreciate him rubbing his lawlessness in our face and the voters need to know what this guy is all about. It was immature and unprofessional and we don't believe that he has what it takes to do the job of prosecutor fairly and competently.

We started this blog well before we ever heard the name Telgenhof. This blog is for victims of our justice system to have a place for their voices to be heard.

In closing,Telgenhof is running unopposed and we hope that someone a little more honorable will join the Charlevoix County Prosecutors race.

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