Saturday, January 24, 2015

Admirals, Generals, Intel: Benghazi Inquest Compromised

‘I think Gowdy has been warned away or threatened’
(gopthedailydose) - There were many among conservatives who were elated with the announcement of a Special Select Committee to investigate the Benghazi attacks and even more so when we got the news that its chairman would be Rep Trey Gowdy (R-SC).
Many of those same people are beginning to have a much different outlook on things now, and while they aren’t yet willing to totally abandon hope that Gowdy is sincere in his efforts to get to the bottom of things, they have some very real concerns.
An independent non-governmental group, the Citizens’ Commission on Benghazi, has been conducting their own investigations into the events at Benghazi for a year and a half as well as conducting efforts to persuade Congress to act to ascertain the truth as to just what happened. They are among those who now are voicing concerns at the level of the effort being expended and the direction of the Benghazi hearings.
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