Thursday, January 29, 2015


Why does (OBOT) Dr Conspiracy look like William David Sanders, the “hero Teacher/Coach” shot dead during the historic Columbine School Massacre in 1999?

A quick search will confirm:  Photos of Columbine High School “dead Teacher” were retouched/edited.   WHY is that?

Find the portraits of William David Sanders (dead Columbine teacher) on your own.  ZOOM IN CLOSE.

Why are his eyes/ears heavily edited?  Why do we find sloppy edit lines on his face/head/glasses?

Look at the bottom half of Sanders’ nose. Why does it look “tacked on” with discolored shadow and edits?  Was that done to disguise/change the appearance of his nose – so he’s more difficult to identify?

There’s no reason teacher/coach portraits from the 1990’s would have THIS MANY EDITS (to eyes; ears; nose; eyeglass frame).

  The only explanation: Someone created these photos for a purpose OTHER THAN “shooting a nice portrait of William David Sanders.”
Find his other photos on the web, then ZOOM IN.  All his photos (even his newspaper photos) are crudely retouched – you can see the edit marks.

Columbine (1999) became the centerpiece of the Gun Grab Roadshow.

Later, Gabrielle Giffords joined the Gun Grab Roadshow, surviving a (fake) point-blank 9mm shot through the head.  Then in 2012, Sandy Hoax (Newtown) was staged to terrify children and parents.  Followed by the Cassidy Stay fake-shooting in Houston TX. 

These events are PSYOPS. They are staged. The stories don’t add up. 
The government is lying. The government has robbed you as far as they can rob you — while you still possess firearms.

THAT is why they’re trying to TRICK you into disarming.

We know Sandy Hook (Newtown) was a crude Gun Grab hoax. A fake “shooting.”

We know the Boston Marathon used Crisis Actors to portray wounded spectators.

Was the “Columbine High School Massacre” in 1999 the first Gun Grab staged event?


  1. Dr Conspiracy looks EXACTLY like William David Sanders (died at the Columbine High School massacre in 1999). What if Dr Conspiracy is some kind of government agent, and he didn't REALLY die at Columbine HS? The photos of Dr Conspiracy should look 15 years "older" than William David Sanders -- and THEY DO.

    Dr Conspiracy ALSO looks like Dr Chris Kaufmann, who treated the "victims" of that Franklin (PA) High School "mass stabbing" in April 2014. Dr Chris Kaufmann is supposedly a Trauma Surgeon at Forbes Regional Hospital in Monroeville, PA.

    Is it possible that ALL THREE are the same person:

    #1 Dr Conspiracy
    #2 William David Sanders (teacher killed at Columbine HS)
    #3 Dr Chris Kauffman (treated victims of Franklin HS stabbing)


  2. Photo comparison. The resemblance is striking -- between Dr Chris Kaufmann; Dr Conspiracy; and (teacher) William David Sanders.

    William David Sanders supposedly died in the Columbine School shooting (1999).

    Dr Chris Kaufmann supposedly treated 8 (of 21 total) victims from the Franklin High School "mass-stabbing" in PA (2014).

    Find their photos online -- and ZOOM IN.

    ALL photos of William David Sanders have been poorly altered by PhotoShop. WHY?

    Was the Columbine "school shooting" another Hoax, just like Sandy Hook (Newtown)?

  3. There is only one bald white male with a beard in the world, and BY GOD, you have found him!