Thursday, January 29, 2015

City could be St. Marys’ plan B Cement plant expansion proposed in Michigan

DIXON – The future of the city’s idled cement plant could depend on what happens with a proposed expansion plan at a plant in Michigan.
Charlevoix is a small resort town – population 2,513 – in northern Michigan. St. Marys Cement bought the plant there in 2000, and the facility in Dixon in 2005, from Cemex, a large multinational company based in Mexico.
When construction activity slowed during the recession, St. Marys cut back production, and stopped production at the Dixon plant in December 2008, costing the city 90 jobs. A few workers remained to facilitate the plant’s use as a distribution terminal.
Now that demand is coming back, the company is slowly ramping up production. The $130 million investment in Charlevoix appears to be plan A, while Dixon is the next option.
Several months ago, Mayor Jim Burke said St. Marys approached him about reopening the Dixon plant.
“We’re optimistic, and it would be a great thing to have the plant up and running again,” Burke said. “But honestly, I saw the ad and thought they might be jumping the gun.”

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