Friday, January 30, 2015

USS John C. Stennis Loads ‘Massive Ordnances’ in Preparation – For What?

21st Century says…

The war hawks in Washington have been hungry to off load large amounts of its artillery and missile stocks, not least of all because new orders need to be rotated in, and invoices need to be raised, and paid. That’s the military business, and they need a new way to help expedite the process.

NATO has been hungry to fast-track a hot war in the Ukraine and declared once again this week that Russia has deployed troops inside the Ukraine – using this as a pretext to increase its involvement in the conflict. Although a NATO-Russia confrontation could materialize in the future, right now it would be extremely risky, especially since any NATO intervention might entail someone actually shooting back at them – something which NATO hasn’t really dealt with before. Still, many historians have remarked that the Ukraine is looking more like Poland on the brink of World War II.

Yemen however, is a much softer target, and has tremendous geographical and geopolitical value. The US has recent bombing experience in Yemen, as well as a warm-up CIA drone strike killing three men “believed to be al Qaeda militants” this past Monday (believed to be, being the operative words there). Apparently, the Pentagon is brimming with confidence in terms of re-selling airstrikes to the American public. Yemen also has great potential for excursions across the Gulf of Aden in Somalia. Libya is also ready for a NATO intervention to retake the country back from the very same al Qaeda and Islamic fighters that NATO had armed in the first place in order to overthrow Gaddafi in 2011. Will it be Yemen, or Libya (or both)?

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