Saturday, January 24, 2015

FORENSIC PROOF 12-gauge Breaching Rounds (Police ammo) used to fake Sandy Hook.

To frame the (fake boogeyman) Adam Lanza, USGOV shot a 'BREACHING ROUND' to shatter the front window of Sandy Hook Elementary school (NEWTOWN CT). 

VIDEO shows metal powder embedded in the Sandy Hook School foyer's magazine rack, where the 12-gauge shotgun BREACHING ROUND was fired through the window.

 Displaying 2 Police BREACHING ROUND Shattered SANDY HOOK Window - NOT Adam Lanza AR-15 (Sandy Hook INSIDE JOB).png

USGOV (and Police) use 12-gauge breaching rounds to blast through doors/windows. Regular folks don't run around training with door-breaching rounds.

If the official story were real, Adam Lanza would've been using REGULAR shotgun ammo (buckshot or whatever), NOT breaching rounds, since his goal was to "kill people."

ALSO:  Police found Adam Lanza's shotgun in the CAR TRUNK, hours later, after dark. Does USGOV expect us to believe Adam Lanza shot through the front window, then walked back to his car to safely put his shotgun BACK IN THE CAR, before returning to the school and murdering people?

Sandy Hook = GUN GRAB HOAX

The government is lying. The government has robbed you as far as they can rob you -- while you still possess firearms.

THAT is why they're trying to TRICK you into disarming.

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