Friday, January 23, 2015


When somebody shows small and pointing finger arranged in this way at you then, in my neighborhood, it is considered that he does not mean you any good. He probably would not have the opportunity to do it twice.
When politicians such as ex U.S. President Clinton, acting U.S. President George W Bush, and acting Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi show horns with their right hand at journalists and public during their official appearances, then this is nothing new. Frequently their job requires from them to disregard well being of some of their countryman as well as that of other people. They then say that this had to be done to safeguard the common good. 

When artists such as Elisabeth Taylor and Paul McCartney, politician such as U.S. Vice President Dan Quayle (during the time his chief was President George W Bush's father), general Tommy Franks (when he was commander in chief of the U.S. Central Command that lead the American forces in Afghanistan and war on Iraq 2) during the press conference with his President George W Bush, next king-to-be of Great Britain Prince William (whose mother died in car accident with her never-to-be husband and whose father now is going to marry his true, whole life's love, Camilla), Tom Ridge Director of Homeland Security (while giving public statement), king Abdullah of Jordan (to the great satisfaction of Russian President Putin, or failed-to-be Vice President John Edwards do the same, then it indicates that this hand sign means something more. Much more.
Perhaps they all belong to the same group, club, society, or god as TV preacher Pat Robertson is.
Judging by the fact that most of them do not come from Texas what we see here is not traditional hand-signal of students and alumni from the University of Texas, used when they're cheering or hollering "Hook 'em Horns", and/or Texas football team fans. So this is not group or a club business.
The symbol we see flashed around here is a subtle display of the hand gesture known as the "Horned Hand" or "Cornuto". According to Fletcher Brothers (Satanism in America, p. 42) it is the sign of recognition between those who are in the occult.
The so called "satanic salute" goes back many centuries and, according to The Woman's Dictionary of Symbols & Sacred Objects, it is an "appeal to the devil".... "In antiquity it must have represented an appeal to the Horned God; then in the Middle Ages, an appeal to the devil. . ." (The Woman's Dictionary of Symbols & Sacred Objects, p. 308).
Satanist Anton LaVey is shown forming the "Cornuto" on the back of The Satanic Bible. The "Horned Hand" is also flashed during the Satanic Black Mass. 

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