Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Dr. Bob Arnot nails it on CNN: Attack on Doctor Oz was astroturfed by sleazy "industry henchmen" with ties to biotech

(NaturalNews) In a stunning piece of real journalism that nails the story behind the story, former NBC Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Bob Arnot went on CNN to expose the truth behind the quackpot attacks against Doctor Oz. This is the truth that, almost without exception, every other mainstream media outlet intentionally and shamelessly buried over the last three days.

The video, viewable here on, was aired at 11:30 Eastern Time today.

It's one of the most refreshingly honest pieces of video journalism I've seen come out of CNN in a long time. Yes, I'm critical of CNN most of the time, but when they accurately nail an important story like this, they deserve recognition for it! More importantly, Dr. Bob Arnot deserves kudos for being willing to take a stand for the truth about what he calls "industry henchmen" involved in "astroturfing" attacks on Oz.

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