Saturday, April 25, 2015

Drone Video Captures Nuclear Waste Being Stored Near the Ocean in Black Bags at Fukishima Storage Facility

An incredible video released by Ruptly shows millions of tons of radioactive soil and debris, contained in black bags, being placed at a temporary storage facility at Tomioka, Fukushima. The drone footage clearly shows how carelessly the hazardous waste, which spans over an exceedingly large area, has been stored: The bags are stacked up in piles, and are less than roughly 100 yards from the shoreline of the pacific ocean. A storm or even just heavy rain could result in the nuclear waste being leached out into the ocean, which could possibly damage and mutate the DNA of any living organisms it comes into contact with, potentially creating a variety of problems. TEPCO, the company which manages this facility, has long been mired in a laundry-list of accidents and… “accidents”.

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