Thursday, April 30, 2015

Massive fire ‘dangerously close’ to Chernobyl plant: Just 3 miles from nuclear waste — Official: “Risks are high” — Evacuations underway — Experts: “Smoke is heavily contaminated… could see dispersion of very significant component of original radiation”; “Capable of spreading great distances” (VIDEO)

Reuters (emphasis added): Forest fire threatens Ukraine’s Chernobyl nuclear zone… Earlier, the interior ministry had warned that high winds were blowing the fire in northern Ukraine towards Chernobyl… international experts warned that a large amount of dangerous isotopes remained in the forests near Chernobyl, which could be spread by forest fires.
Interfax: Arson attack could be behind massive wildfire around Chornobyl… Ukrainian Interior Minister Arsen Avakov… said that the forecast was positive. “But! It’s too important and risks are high… Therefore – maximum attention… There shouldn’t be any ground for fear and panic at the moment. Everything is under control.”
Bloomberg: Avakov said… “It got to 20 kilometers of the reactor and five kilometers from buried nuclear waste.”
FOCUS News Agency: The fire near Chernobyl NPP brought under control some five kilometres from the places of burial of radioactive waste, UNIAN reported…
ITV: Ukraine’s largest forest fire for 23 years is spreading rapidly – and travelling towards the abandoned Chernobyl nuclear power plant… Prime Minister Arseny Yatseniuk insisted that “the situation is under control… serious forcesare being used to prevent fires from spreading.”

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