Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Jade Helm 15 Walmart, Central Command for Underground Operations, now also going rural in Colorado, Home of the Satanic Airport & CIA New hdqtrs

Vatic Note:  I tried putting this up last night and they would not let me finish, so I am doing it now.  I have no idea how long this will stay up, so cut and paste it and save it, since they are trying to stop my vatic note.  Remember, I was a research analyst in my previous life, at least 25 years ago, but I learned how to do it and have done very well ever since.  It was the best education I could have gotten for doing this work that I do now.

So far, knock on wood, we have been right on about what we said was going on and what would happen and because of it, I have had a lot of apologies from sheep who didn't believe me.  In fact, one family felt so bad about how they treated me, that they gave me a car.   Hows that for making it right?  I loved it, since I needed it right when they gave it to me.   Anyway, on with the analysis.   

This, below,  explains what I saw in my hometown of Pagosa Springs, Colorado..... I saw digging around the WAL MART in my hometown by non english speaking hispanics, and the crew chief did not speak spanish so they were doing everything by animation and hand signs.

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