Thursday, April 30, 2015

Nightmares from Vietnam are not over yet

Up until the invasion of Iraq, Vietnam was probably the deadliest example of mass murder in a non-war combat event.
Vietnam was not a war, although it is often labeled as such, because there were never two contending sides. The only contender was the American Army. On the other side, there were the Vietnamese people.
In the same way it happened in Iraq after 9/11, the United States invaded the country to “liberate” its people and “bring democracy” as it usually says it does. But the story was different, as it usually is.
It was April 30, 1975 and the columns of the North Vietnamese Army entered Saigon without much resistance.
Meanwhile, thousands of American military and South Vietnamese who collaborated with US crowded on the roof of the American embassy waiting for helicopters to evacuate the country.

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