Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Israel Kills Pregnant Women In Gaza. Those Who Survive, Bear The Brunt

Psychological stress, fear and anxiety from Israeli bombings, power cuts, lack of clean drinking water, shaky infrastructure, a non-functioning sewage system, lack of adequate medical supplies, living in tin huts and imprisoned/killed/disabled husbands are just a few challenges pregnant women and their as-yet unborn babies face in Gaza.
Families affected by war have lost their homes, their means of living, and have nowhere to go. Women and children in shelters and makeshift homes have almost no privacy, and no proper access to decent sanitation. And there is hardly enough food. Women carry the burden of the entire family because the man of the house is unable to provide support. The majority of Gaza’s workforce is unemployed. There is widespread financial stress, hopelessness and insecurity. Giving birth and taking care of infants in such conditions is a at the very least a grave health hazard.

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