Monday, January 25, 2016

Newly Leaked Emails Indicate Michigan Republicans Didn’t Poison Water To "Save Money"

As Michigan Governor Rick Snyder’s tower of lies collapses around him, we are finding some extremely disturbing, if at this point unsurprising, new pieces of evidence among the rubble. A great deal of effort is going into determining just what happened in Flint, Michigan, where a switch in water sources by the Snyder administration, ostensibly in order to help save money after Snyder’s tax cuts blew giant holes in the state budget, ended up poisoning thousands of people with toxic lead in the poor and largely African-American city of Flint. 
However, question marks are already emerging from the conventional explanation for the switch – that is, to save $2 million by selling polluted water to Flint residents. Journalist Steve Neavling of the independent newspaper, Motor City Muckraker, believes that the water pipes were not switched in order to save money, thanks to the release of a new email which appears to indicate that the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department (DWSD) offered Snyder a deal worth $800 million over 30 years, which would have been 20% cheaper than switching to the polluted Karegnondi Water Authority. 

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