Friday, December 26, 2014

Couple Brings Sick Baby to ER, the Next Day Police Show Up and Kidnap All of Their Children

Sioux Falls, SD — Molly Bowling and Michael Becker just spent Christmas without their children after police, acting on behalf of Child Protective Services, kidnapped them three weeks ago.
Bowling and Becker say their children were taken from their home after they brought their 2-month old son Creedence, to the ER for an unknown injury.
“He wouldn’t eat when he was crying we would see the cut on his tongue, so I called his doctor and he said we should take him to the ER. So we went to the ER,” mother Molly Bowling said.
The couple told the ER doctor that they had no idea how the infant’s tongue was injured and that it may have happened at daycare.
“They called Children’s Voice and they said that Creedance needed to stay overnight there,” Bowling said.
Children’s Voice is a non-profit child abuse organization.
After being told that Creedance had to stay at the hospital overnight, the parents went home to check on their other two children who were staying with their grandparents. From the hospital, they were followed home by police, who told them that they could not stay at their own home.
This caused immediate concern for the family so they complied with authorities. Bowling went so far as to take a lie-detector test, and passed it.
But the state pressed on.
“As soon as I asked for a lawyer…they came here and took the other kids out of the house,” father Mike Becker said.


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