Saturday, December 27, 2014

Kevin Annett Brouhaha

Posted By: Arleigh
Date: Saturday, 27-Dec-2014 06:12:58

I have a hard time believing Kevin Annett is some kind of operative.
The sort of black ops that Mr. Annett is accused of being a part of are always run by the RCMP in Canada and I can't see them being allowed for any reason whatsoever to release the kind of information that Annett has publicized, namely that the so-called lone serial killer Robert Picton was actually a member of a group of Satanic worshipers associated with the upper echelons of the Hells Angels and provincial movers and shakers. The involvement of the Hells Angels was completely scrubbed from this story by the MSM under repeated publication bans until the public simply forgot about this element of the story.

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