Monday, December 29, 2014

Michigan’s Corporate Welfare Queens Should Pee in a Cup

Last Friday, Gov. Snyder signed into law a pilot program to test welfare family members for illegal drug use. So, in the spirit of fairness for keeping all welfare recipients in line, Michigan should require corporate leaders who receive state subsidies to submit to drug testing. In truth, there was legislation to that effect introduced by Rep. Tom McMillin (R-45) last year — unfortunately it died in committee. Earlier this month, McMillan broke with fellow Republicans in the lame duck session and voted against the welfare drug-testing bill.
pee in a cup 2
So, if Michigan were to test corporate welfare CEOs and board members, just how many cups would the state need?
Michigan remains near the top of the list for handing-out corporate subsidies, second only to New York in total number of recipients, and holds fourth place nationally for cumulative dollars devoted to corporate welfare. According to the “Subsidy Tracker” at Good Jobs First, the rust belt state has doled-out $10,440,043,930 to 15,205 companies in recent decades.
Last year, Good Jobs First tallied-up what are known as “megadeals” — Michigan topped the list for brokering the most high-dollar subsidies for single corporate entities. In the Good Jobs First report, Megadeals: The Largest Economic Development Subsidy Packages Ever Awarded by State and Local Governments in the United States, Michigan was found to have made fully 29 outrageously over-the-top corporate tax give-aways — making the state the national leader, with New York coming in second at 23. Michigan forfeited a whopping $7,101,236,000 in megadeals to mostly large fortune 500 type companies for little in return. Much like Snyder’s tax breaks, these bonuses were untethered to any real and measurable job growth — they were nothing more than a trickle-down wish and a prayer.

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