Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Mystery Pulsing Colored Night Lights Finally In The Press

WELL, BY THUNDER! A good friend of mine sent me the enclosed linked article!
He and I have been observing the same EXACT phenomena here in Central WA. for over a year and a half. This is not just an East Coast occurrance. It is, however, the first known mainstream article reporting it.
Those who are familiar with my posts will know that I have been voicing my puzzlement over these objects for some time.
I can add that there appear to be more and more of these objects all the time. They are semi-stationary, but they do move upon occasion rather suddenly. Many of them are placed in the constelations, as if to make them appear part of the firmament.
There are now dozens of them all over the night sky. It's the pulsing lights that really throw me for a loop. WHY? Makes no sense whatsoever. Too many and too random for a military grid, and why the lights? If they are a secret government project, why light them up like a bloody Christmas tree?
On top of the increased numbers, there is also now a complete second bank of these pulsing light objects much farther out in space.
I URGE ALL RMN READERS AND AGENTS WHO ARE SO DISPOSED TO TAKE A LOOK ON A CLEAR NIGHT.. After first glance, it will be impossible not to see them. As stated in the enclosed newspaper article, the best viewing time seems to be right after darkness falls. A pair of good binoculars are a help, but not a necessity.
READ MORE:http://www.rense.com/general47/thund.htm

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