Friday, January 22, 2016

The Sunlight-Stealing Conspiracy: Solar Radiation Management Triggers Chemtrail Syndrome Pandemic

Don’t know about your skies, but ours have been full of chemtrails nonstop for many months.
It’s been a constant procession of chemtrails and chembombs, followed by chemclouds that eventually cover the whole sky with a massive chemcloud cover.
Perfectly blue skies are transformed into a sea of ever-changing chemclouds every other day now.  These manmade clouds then spread out rapidly into a fabricated chemcloud cover that stretches  from horizon to horizon.
Day after day, week after week, month after month we have watched our sunny days and blue skies sabotaged by these chemtrails and chembombs.
The geoengineers who have developed this chemical geoengineering technology claim that chemtrail operations don’t even exist.
They have the chutzpah and gall to deny the ongoing worldwide chemical geoengineering programs that millions now see conducted overhead.
The people of this planet want to know who is stealing our sunshine.  Why do they lie about incessantly taking our blue skies and blocking the sunshine?

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