Friday, August 21, 2015

Whistleblower Reveals Hillary Being Fed to the Wolves to Cover-Up Larger Benghazi Scandal (Videos)

Alex Jones talks with living legend Robert Tosh Plumlee about why the media is focusing in on Hillary Clinton’s latest scandal and how it’s diverting attention from a much, much larger issue. 
A little about Robert Tosh Plumlee:
According to Covert-History: Plumlee enlisted in the U. S. Army in April 1954 and was assigned to the Texas 49th Armored Division at Fort Bliss, Texas. He later transferred to 4th Army Reserve Military Intelligence Unit at Dallas Love Field in Dallas, Texas. He claims to have subsequently worked as a pilot for secret CIA flights including some for William King Harvey, Tracy Barnes and William “Rip” Robertson and he flew arms to Fidel Castro in Cuba prior to the overthrow of Fulgencio Batista. He later worked as an undercover pilot and operative during the Ronald Reagan Administration’s “Drug War” flying arms to Nicaraguan Contras and cocaine back to the United States.
In this RIVETING video below, Plumlee reveals much of what has been suspected about Clinton, Benghazi, the Obama administrations involvement, and SO MUCH MORE! Tosh Plumlee is one of the largest whistle blowers in U.S. history, and what gets revealed on Alex Jones show below is amazing! This scandal goes so much deeper than we’ve been led to believe. Among other things, he comes right out and says point blank Ambassador Stevens was killed to cover-up the bigger scandal!!!!
Plumlee reveals the extent of the corruption and the gun running that was going on under the Obama/Clinton White House, and he eludes to the fact that Clinton is absolutely FRIED! Adding to her legal woes, Politico reports a Judge has confirmed Hillary Clinton’s private emails violated policy!!!

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