Friday, August 21, 2015

Four-Star General ‘Ashamed To Be An American’ After Ten Cops Arrest Him

An 84-year-old retired four-star general who was arrested by ten Georgia police officers has stated that the arrest was the worst thing that has ever happened to him, and that it made him ashamed to be an American.

William J. Livsey was arrested on Saturday evening by Fayetteville police after an alleged altercation with a food delivery driver stemming from his debit card being declined.
Livsey claims that upon the card being declined, the driver pushed him.
The elderly man offered to pay with a check instead, but the driver reportedly told him that they do not accept checks and attempted to take the food back.
The police allege that Livsey then grabbed the driver’s throat and facial hair and pushed him into the refrigerator in his kitchen.  While the altercation was taking place, two other people who were present in the home reportedly began eating the food.
After leaving the home, the driver called the police and reported the assault.  In response, ten police officers were sent to the elderly man’s residence.  The department claims that a struggle ensued as they attempted to handcuff him, which lead to a cut on the man’s arm.
Following his injury, medics responded to the scene and treated him.  As the officers attempted to handcuff him a second time, they claim that he attempted to punch and kick them while making threats and “disparaging remarks.”

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