Saturday, August 22, 2015

I have never been so overwhelmed by a moment that I was lucky enough to witness, and lucky enough to capture

Laith Majid cries tears of joy and relief that he and his children have made it to Europe. Photograph: Daniet Etter/New York Times/Redux /eyevine

The boat came at dawn: a flimsy rubber raft made for four people but crammed with 12. Under the pressure of their weight, it lost air and water came in. It wouldn’t have been much longer before it sank.
As on the previous two mornings, I had been waiting for migrants arriving on the Greek island of Kos from nearby Turkey. At about dawn, the boats started arriving. As a freelance photographer, I had been assigned by the New York Times to produce visuals for a story on the migrant crisis. This boat was not much different from the many others that had come over in the last few weeks. But the reaction this particular image triggered was beyond my wildest imagination.

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