Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Remembering the Summer of 1929

This is one of the best documentaries on the Crash of 1929 if you wish to get a feel for the times.   You may find it interesting to watch the whole thing below.
I have posted the entire documentary twice before:  once, on the 80th anniversary of Black Thursday in 2009, and once before in December of 2007.
I remember the Summer of 1929 being described as unusually hot, with the stock market going up and down like a roller coaster, making investors and pundits almost dizzy.  That is, until the great push up to the very height of the market in early September.
It was the laissez-faire abuses of the 1920’s, the reign of supply side economics,  the institutionalized political corruption of easy money, an oversized,  overly influential and powerful financial/industrial sector that set the stage for the terrible Depression of the 1930’s.
It also gave rise to the many reforms introduced by the FDR administration.
Most of which have been steadily overturned, one by one, by the big money interests who care for nothing but themselves, and would do it again, and again, if allowed to do so.
Most of the scams of the moneyed interests are remarkably simple, and the same over time.  At least they are once you scrape away the jargon, the bells and whistles, and paid for policy theories of pedigreed prostitutes.
The titans of Wall Street are no smarter than many smart people who do much more difficult jobs and lead simple, honest lives. But they are driven, they are insatiable, and they areshameless.
Enough people are easily fooled in each generation by well scripted ideological PR campaigns, clever revisions and misrepresentations of history, and the steady drumbeat of slogans and propaganda to allow the same old scams and abuses to come back again.  And unfortunately even very smart and powerful and greatly advantaged people are always willing to do anything for money.
Here is a link to the transcript of this documentary.

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