Saturday, August 22, 2015


Something needs to be done! I was taken away from my parents along with my brother and sister at the age of 2 1/2. My parents didn't do anything wrong except not drive and my dad was 70 when I was born. This has scared me for life. Now they won't even give me any information because it was all illegal. This took place about 1952 and at that time they had social workers whom I know took money under the table. He was tight with the adoptive parents who couldn't have children. He took her by my house and I was exactly what she wanted..He took us for her but she never wanted my brother and they treated him terrible. It took 4 years to adopt us! It devastated my parents. My dad took to drinking and lost everything! My mother couldn't cope either and about 5 years after we were removed she went to the state hospital. I lived in a home of nothing but mental abuse! To this day I hate Pauline and Victor Hartsell for what they done to us. They destroyed my family and I never knew my parents. I was never a very happy child and I still grieve for my parents. Can't get any information on the case or why we were taken away.Just my name which I already knew. I never grieve when these caregivers died. How can this happen? I have since found what family I have left and I know I had very good parents. My granddaughter was taken away for 5 months and there was no case. They have too much power! This is so wrong!!! They took something from me that I can never get back!!! My brother is not with us today because of the way they hated him!!! He got into drugs and alcohol. She openly admitted she didn't want him!!! But Cass County wanted us to be adopted together, but yet they separated our older sister from us and that wasn't right either. She went somewhere else. I knew her as an acquaintance. We were never allowed to see her very often and never left to be alone with her. My family told my 2 cars came that day and 1 got my mother out of the house and the other car came in and took us right in front of my dad!!! Then they went to school and got my sister. When my mother came home we were gone!!!! My parents were beside themselves with grief and never got over it. There were lies like we wern"t fed and that was all lies.If you have nothing to hide, then show me the records.!!!!You use excuses like they aren't public records and that my file is surpressed!!! I know the social workers name,but feel I can't put it on here. The only thing I have from my mother is my favorite teddy bear she gave me and Pauline tried to take credit for that too.I know they make thousands of dollars for each child and they made money off of me too. I was picked out of my yard like a puppy. All they ever did was talk bad about my parents. She never made me her child and she should never have had any ! THAT IS WHY GOD MADE HER BARREN BECAUSE SHE WASN'T A GOOD MOTHER!!!!!!!!!!!

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