Thursday, August 27, 2015


I’m not much for sharing my personal life on Facebook. I’m a pretty private person, but the more time I have had to think, I’ve realized that I need to share my story, and possibly prevent another woman from being victimized.
Last Wednesday, Aug 19th, I attended the Toby Keith concert in Mount Pleasant at The Soaring Eagle Casino. I was looking forward to having some “me” time with my grandmother, and cousins. Around 9:30-10 p.m. I needed to use the restroom. I went alone because it was not far for me to walk from my family. Making that decision has changed my life forever. I was approached by a man who immediately asked me if I needed help finding my friends. I replied politely no; I can see my grandmother from here. Within what seemed like seconds I started feeling woozy, dizzy, and hearing a wha wha noise. I don’t remember anything after that. I woke hours later, disoriented, confused, and hurting like I’ve never hurt before. I had been drugged, abducted, and brutally violated.
I’m told that I was missing for 4-5 hours. I do have some vague recollection of the events that occurred, but those details are not necessary in order for people to realize the severity of this heinous crime. The security at Soaring Eagle as well as the Saginaw Chippewa Tribal Police were out looking for me as were my family. Thank goodness I was found, and got immediate medical attention. I am still recovering, and it will be a long process both physically and mentally. Many DNA samples were recovered so there is some hope that the person/persons responsible will be found and caught. That is my greatest hope. Right now I feel lucky to be alive.
Drug screening for date rape drugs take longer than a regular panel drug screen, so we are still unaware of what drug was used on me or even how it was administered. I know I was drugged, I was not drunk. I was not out partying. I was spending quality time with my family enjoying a concert.
People, if this happened to me, it can happen to anyone. Please, please if you go to an event please by all means use the buddy system, and never go anywhere alone. Always watch your beverage, never ever leave it unattended. There are bad, evil people out there who prey on innocent unsuspecting people in order to turn them into victims.
I for one was a victim, but intend on coming out of this experience as a survivor just as my Mom has taught me to be. Be strong, watch your backs, watch your friends and families backs, and hopefully this kind of crime never touches your life.
Writing and sharing this is not something I would normally do, but if just one person reads this, and it reminds them to be more aware of their surroundings, and this helps them to protect their self or others around them, then it’s worth it to me. Please share this story, remind your loved ones that no one is safe, there are scumbags that roam this Earth freely, and will not hesitate a second to try and victimize you and yours.


  1. Haley,
    I came across your post on my daughter inlaws Facebook up in Canada
    This story was well written and yes, it was good that you wrote about what happened Does not seem you could have avoided this, so it is for sure a worry for women and girls. It may help someone else but writing it down may help you as well.
    A big reason that this sort of thing will not end any to soon is that when and if the person who did this is caught, little will be done to him. Maybe a little time in jail. But jails in North America are really not all that bad a place to live. Maybe for some even, an ideal place to reside If there just could be some fear for them such as lashes as there used to be, it might make a difference. Or even better yet, put them down permanently Now I am not some whacko but a grandmother myself, a pretty respectable normal mother of four, retired business person etc. etc.
    I am sorry or what you suffered Haley. You do though have to just sit aside, let it stay in the past Get on with your young life and live well.
    Around the world women have suffered greatly and sadly and over many years past and to come.
    Never to be forgotten but just get on with your life
    You have much going for you

  2. But other than that, how did she like the concert?

    Seriously, we've all heard this urban legend before. It makes a good campfire story. But the logistics of it happening for real just don't work, no matter how hard all these women try.
    I was at that concert. Nobody got roofied, nobody got abducted, and nobody got raped.
    I used one of those porta-potties. And I set my drink down outside of it, too. Probably a thousand people did that. And nobody walked up to anybody's drink and dropped anything in it. Because they wouldn't. Because someone would have seen it. The area was more well lit than the casino floor. And the porta-potties are within the line of sight of literally thousands of people, including, (according to the "victim") her own grandmother.
    But let's say some very athletic evil-doer, standing way off in the shadows, shot the pill way up in the air with a slingshot, and watched as it plunked right down the neck of her beer bottle. His evil plan would require that she come out, finish the beer right there, and stand there in isolation while waiting for it to take effect.
    As opposed to what everybody else does when they are done using the rest room at a concert: go back and watch the show.
    But OK, let's say she stood right there, playing Angry Birds on her phone or whatever it was that she found more entertaining than Mr. Keith. And the magically delivered, perfectly portioned drug kicks in. Well, it's 1,000 feet to the nearest car. That's if the evil-doer had the foresight to get there hours before the show and get a great parking spot.
    From her photo, anyone can see that this girl is not a size 2. My guess is 150 lbs, plus or minus a few. I would defy any guy here to carry (or even drag) that much dead-weight that far, without having to stop and rest 3 times.
    Oh, AND it has to be done, for lack of a better word, "discretely". Without one bystander saying " 'Scuse me! Ah, whatcha doin'?" And without security being right on top of you. Not gonna happen.
    I did, in fact, see a young women, brunette, being carried out. By two of her female friends. Who couldn't get the job done. And they were confronted by multiple Soaring Eagle employees, who radioed for a golf cart to carry her the rest of the way.
    But let's say our evil-doer is the strongest man in the world, and gets her to the parking lot. Is there anybody who doesn't know (other than our "victim") that casinos are famous for having like, a buttload of surveillance cameras? Including some aimed at the parking lot. Who'd bet their life that they weren't seen and videotaped going to their car after this show?
    "Many DNA samples were recovered..." No they weren't. And has any real rape victim in the history of the world every said this about what happened to her? It's PORN, people, and badly written porn at that. Soon, we'll hear that "the DNA didn't match anyone." Uh-huh. And didn't match any previous victims, either? Because in spite of the extraordinary skill this super-rapist has, it turns out she's his very first victim. Oh, and the test for the Date Rape Drug? "It must have been all gone from my system before they drew blood." is what we'll hear about that. It's what we ALWAYS hear. (They never think to get a hair sample, which can be drug tested for 4 months after any of these types of drugs are allegedly administered.)

    It's time to wake up to the fact that women have a mass Rape Culture Fantasy. And they are forcing us, against our will, to participate in this rape fantasy. And in their version of the fantasy, police are expected to put unlimited man-hours into solving the imaginary rape, arresting someone, and putting him in a REAL prison. That's how their fantasy ends. And it's time to start telling these women NO MEANS NO.
    The cops have already, no doubt, figured out she's lying. (If I can do it, so can they.) The question is, what are they gonna do about it?

    1. Hey Anonymous,

      As most of us with any intelligence knows DNA testing can take months. Guess what you arrogant jack wagon...DNA match has been made. Put that in your over opinionated pipe and smoke it.

      Haley's Mom

    2. Anonymous,

      I'm not sure if my first reply published, so let's try this again. First off, you are an obnoxious arrogant person. You assume many things, you Sir, and I use that term loosely, have no clue as to anything you speak of.

      Who is writing fiction here? It seems to be you. You should put your efforts into writing fiction as it seems that you have quite the knack, and could probably be a best selling author.

      Not only are you arrogant, rude, but also very insulting "From her photo, anyone can see that this girl is not a size 2. My guess is 150 lbs, plus or minus a few. I would defy any guy here to carry (or even drag) that much dead-weight that far, without having to stop and rest 3 times." Those are your words. I'll have you know that the media picked a picture of MY daughter from her Facebook profile from when she was 9 months pregnant, it was a old picture Sherlock, and if weight is any of your business...she weighed 117 at the time of her hospitalization from her brutal attack.

      ""Many DNA samples were recovered..." No they weren't. And has any real rape victim in the history of the world every said this about what happened to her? It's PORN, people, and badly written porn at that." Also your words. Well guess what Mr. Know It All? A DNA match has been made! Put that into your sanctimonious pipe and smoke it!

      People such as yourself sicken me to no end. A person is victimized, and brutalized, and you not only are an ass about it, you poke fun at it.

      Being Haley's Mother, I have further information about the case, and it's legitimacy. A person such as yourself does not deserve those facts. So, if you are really interested in how a drug can be administered, and how quick some of these drugs can your research instead of giving an opinion based on nada. Drug screens were ran in time jack-wagon.

      It's time you wake up and realize what a complete ass you are. My daughter did not lie, DNA has proven it, and you can kiss my ass for ever writing something such as you did about a young woman who was hurt so badly both mentally and physically. You have no idea what she has gone through or lost because of this. No idea at all. You should be ashamed of yourself. I'm Haley's Mom, and I'm ashamed for you, and people who exist like you. But I do forgive you for being so ignorant as you probably can't help it. I hope some day peace comes into your heart.