Thursday, July 23, 2015

Baghdad in Ruins : A US-made Hell on Earth

Vatic Note:   This is the America that has been fully infiltrated at every level of government by the Khazars who are born in America, but are loyal only to the Khazars of Israel and they control the key positions in the military, state dept and other White House key positions as well as chairmanship of the key legislative committees.  Try to imagine that this in the picture below was done right here in the USA by these same bankers that our elected officials work for.  Can you imagine it???  I can and its horrible. 

An Example,  Leiberscum runs Homeland security committee, which is over all the intel agencies.  No wonder they are able to turn this nation into another Israel, with no compunction to genocide, demolish,  disease anyone who opposes them by using Western military,  Western technology and as we all know, Western weapons.  It was Israel and Great Britain, (run by khazars) who created, financed and trained ISIS and use them as a foil to achieve their agenda of a police state as a solution to the terrorist ISIS, that they created.  Clever, indeed. This below is an abomination and we truly should be ashamed that we allowed these evil infiltrators to run our government.  Time we stop it.
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