Wednesday, July 22, 2015

“Trooper of the Year” Good Cop Sexually Assaults a 4-Yr-Old Girl Multiple Times, “Cries” When He is Sentenced

MAINE — Officer Andrew Demers worked as a police officer for 26 years with the Maine State Police.
He was a so-called good cop. Police supporters trusted him.
He received the “Trooper of the Year” award twice.
He was one of the most highly “decorated” police officers in Maine’s history.  He was a model of what faithful police wives have in mind when they say “Yeah but some cops are GOOD!”
This “good cop” has been sentenced to prison for only four years — and may get out sooner because of his statist privilege — for sexually assaulting an innocent child.
The child was only 4-yrs-old.
Now that he’s been caught, Officer Demers began “crying” as he pleaded guilty in a courthouse to molesting the 4-yr-old child.


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