Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Paramilitary Police With MRAPs Lock Down Florida Town After Cops Kill Former Cop

Micanopy, FL — Dozens of police vehicles, including MRAPs, shut down large sections of Interstate 75, and shut down an entire town for several hours, to hunt for a retired police officer and corrections officer who was allegedly involved in a shootout with police.
Thus far, there have been very few details released to the media, and those that have been released are constantly changing. It was actually admitted, and then immediately denied by an Alachua County PIO agent Art Forgey, that police went door to door checking people’s homes without a warrant during the manhunt.
Initially, it was reported by the mainstream media that the suspect fired a gun at police during a traffic stop, and made terroristic threats relating to ISIS. As these reports were being made, a massive police presence enveloped the area and shut down traffic for miles.
Free Thought Project reporter and radio host Bob Tuskin was actually stuck in traffic on I-75 at the time, and began recording the police presence that he saw around him. In the video linked below, you can see an entire stretch of highway shut down, with large armored vehicles driving around, and paramilitary police lined up along the median.
Several hours after the search began, local mainstream news source TV20 reported that the suspect made terrorist threats and shot at police before he was captured and taken into custody. Not long after the story was reported, it was removed by TV20, and the story was republished stating that the suspect had either been killed by police, or turned the gun on himself after shooting. All mentions of ISIS and terrorism were then removed after the initial hype was created.

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