Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Planned Parenthood Proves That ‘Pro-Choicers’ Hate Women

You’ve no doubt heard about the second video, released this week, showing a Planned Parenthood executive negotiating compensation for extracted baby organs. Mary Gatter, a medical director in California, blithely converses with the undercover investigators about the prices for body parts. She refers to the discussion as a “negotiation” and worries that if she throws out a figure first, she might end up with a “lowball” number.
Gatter says she will talk to her abortionist hit man about making sure he kills the children in a way that preserves their most valuable sections. Similar to Deborah Nucatola, the woman in the first video, she talks about slicing up child murder victims like they’re Thanksgiving turkeys. She says she’ll tell the abortionist to use “a less crunchy technique” when he demolishes their tiny bodies, and acknowledges that they aren’t allowed to change an abortion method in anticipation of “donating” the child’s pieces, but rejects the federal law as a “specious little argument.”

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