Thursday, July 30, 2015

Surgeon Who Blows Whistle On National Food Takeover Fears For Safety - Report Of Extreme Crop Failure As Elite Use Food As Weapon Against The American People

All News Pipeline recently published a story in which we warned that several preparedness stores had run out of stock on several food items and expected huge business in the next few months due to what many Americans believe to be an upcoming 'September event'. We also shared with you that if all-of-a-sudden panic hits, most of these companies emergency food would be gone in one day.

After reading this new SQAlert from a reader warning of extreme crop failure in some mid-Atlantic states (republished below video) and watching the brand new must-watch video below from Josh Tolley who is joined by a surgeon who details for us a 'national food takeover' in America that has left him fearing for his safety, we've decided to double down on this warning in hope that those who are not taking 'food security' seriously will begin to do so, before it's too late.

With the recent actions by Congress attempting to pass 'The DARK Act', a law that would destroy state efforts to label genetically modified foods, we have to ask why this surgeon would actually fear for his safety for merely speaking up about this issue? Imagine going to the grocery store and seeing this.:


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