Thursday, July 30, 2015

Laurel Aston needs our help!!!

I first heard about Targeted Individuals in 2013.  At the time I was interested in finding out more about the details and wanted to interview someone that had insight into exactly what this looked like and how one got on the target list.  I asked a coworker and he referred me to someone he knew personally and I spoke with her at great length about her personal experience.  But she suggested I reach out to Laurel, because she was considered the poster child of TI’s. 

I reached out to Laurel and we planned an interview which ended up becoming a round table type discussion between several people.  I learned a tremendous amount of information about TI’s and the degree at which one can be harassed by this system that harasses and tortures its targets through various means.  It also triggered many connections in my own life and I am very grateful for that insight.

Shortly after our interview with Laurel there was a combination of several drama plots playing out that ended in our disconnection until this past month.  One of the typical ploys the dark side uses to keep TI’s from liberating themselves is to destroy any collaborations that might break one free of the system that manipulates and controls targeted individuals.  Obviously these targets are a threat to this system and must be kept at the lowest vibration or condition to prevent them from exposing and dismantling the very control mechanisms that drive the machine.   

We can go into the details of how Laurel was targeted before birth from here.  It may sound like a horror movie to some, but it is a reality for Laurel.  I have never seen someone remain so strong despite a life of constant harassment in numerous forms.  We are sharing here not to dramatize Laurel’s life experience, but to ask how we can put an end to her torture. 

We have three goals that are our immediate focus:

  • Get Laurel enough funding to alleviate her current hellish living conditions where she is living as a prisoner in extreme poverty. 
  • Free her from the grasp of the CIA drug and human trafficking Gulf Cartel in Mexico which has kept her in these conditions for over a year!
  • Find her a safe place to live out the rest of her life without constant harassment from this system.

Laurel shares here in her own words…..

Laurel Aston Ex CIA Operative Fighting Child & Human Trafficking & Slavery

Via Laurel Aston Ex C.I.A. Trafficking Victim From The Age Of Two - A Refugee in Mexico

I am currently a refugee in the Yucatan of Mexico . After being set up by dirty cops working with a C.I.A. attorney by the name of Cesar Agusta . He was working together with the C.I.A. to strip me of my life savings and all my expensive jewelry and property. I had my door kicked in by dirty Cancun police at my home on 4 Relampago street in Cancun ,and was then taken to I.N.M. Mexican press were there taking pictures and the streets were blocked off . After police were told my companion Zakaos aka Deane Ewing was trafficking a little girl .The little girl in question was me . The attorney Cesar Agusta told this to his friend that is the head of the municiple police .The name Cesar Agusta is a C.I.A. ploy , having to do with a secret operation or your rank and who runs you in the C.I.A. .The C.I.A. often use names of Disney characters ,dead film stars or historical figures when running such secret operations .

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